Beema Samiti Syllabus - Nirdeshak (Administration) Director


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Beema Samiti Syllabus - Nirdeshak (Administration) Director: Here is the syllabus of Beema Samiti for the post of Nirdeshak Prashasan "Director (Administration)" for download. The pdf file of the Syllabus of Nirdeshak "Director" Administration of Beema Samiti is available here for online read and download, so read the syllabus of Nirdeshak "Adhikrit Pratham" (Director "Officer First") online or wait the estimated time to download and print it. There are two stages of the whole exam. 1. Written Exam (First, Second, and Third Paper). 2. Interview.
Beema Samiti Syllabus - Nirdekshak (Administration) Director

Beema Samiti Syllabus - Nirdeshak (Administration) Director


Some More Details About Beema Samiti Nirdeshak (Prasashan) Director (Administration).

Sewa: Beema Samiti Sewa
Shreni: Adhikrit Pratham (Officer First)
Samuha: Prasashan (Administration)
Post: Nirdeshak (Director)
Exam Type: Internal and Open Competition

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